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GISpribor-M, CJSC is a leading developer and manufacturer of ground equipment for geophysical researchs and operations in wildcat, exploration, production wells as well as for field development and management. Our products are successfully deployed to geophysical enterprises in different regions of Russia and CIS countries.

The enterprise is focused on development and production of multi-purpose well-logging hoists, manufactured using both company-produced units and and components produced by leading domestic and international suppliers. The hoists are based on various motor vehicle platforms as well as pipe-handling units fixed and transported by helicopters.

We present a variety of constructive solutions in respect to the hoist winch drive, operating characteristics automation and control systems. We give special attention to the level of the operator’s compartment comfort and recognize that this is critical to the success of diverse tasks in our customers’ special production environment. One of the main principles is a detailed customer-centered review of the technical assignment for each lot of delivered machines; this allows us to address all specific concerns regarding the future operation of our equipment.