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Special-Purpose Hoists


These hoists are intended for carrying out different purpose well operations using high-pressure extended carrying polymeric pipes (ECPP) or flexible drillstem (FD). The depth operations is up to 5000 meters; the diameter of ECPP or FD is up to 38 mm.
A special self-propelled well logging hoist (SSPWLH) is mounted onto the mobile platform of an all-terrain vehicles (KAMAZ (88), MAZ (88), Ural (88)) with increased lift capacity.

SSPWLH hoist consists of the following parts:

  • Mobile Platform
  • Body
  • Tripping unit
  • Round-trip operations control system
  • Tool for measuring depth, speed and tension of ECPP and FD
  • Spare parts and accessories kit

The hoist can be operated at an ambient temperature range from 45 to +50 and at a relative humidity of 80% at +15

The hoist tripping units are subdivided into the following types:

  • By drive type: hydraulic (H), electrical (E)
  • By drum capacity: the tripping units are subdivided based on operating depth of the well prospect, km: 3.5, 5.0

Basic characteristics

  • Delivery of ECPP or FD into the well at wellhead pressure of up to 10 MPa
  • Supply of different fluids into the well under pressure of up to 30 MPa through ECPP or FD, including while ECPP or FD is moving
  • Wellhead feed system with the maximal force of ECPP or FD feed and hoisting of up to 25 kN

Example of marking: SPWLH-5G-S (self-propelled well-logging hoist with hydraulic drive, for carrying out operations using ECPP or FD).

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