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Logging truck hoists

Well logging hoists are intended for carrying out round-trip operations upon geophysical survey in wildcat, exploration and production wells for oil and gas up to 7000 m deep with the logging cable maximal diameter of up to 36 mm. The well logging hoist is mounted onto mobile platforms of all-terrain vehicles produced by URAL, KAMAZ, MAZ, IVECO and other manufacturers. The well logging truck hoist consists of the following parts:

  • motor vehicle chassis;
  • body;
  • tripping unit;
  • free-running generator;
  • round-trip operations control system;
  • tool for measuring depth, speed and tension of cable;
  • spare parts and accessories kit.

The hoist can be operated at an ambient temperature range of –45°Ń to +50°Ń and at relative humidity of 80% at +15°Ń

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