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Different-purpose laboratories are designed in order to support the wide range of operations and tasks when carrying out geophysical research in wildcat, exploration and production wells both independently and using self-propelled well logging hoist. The laboratories are mounted on different kinds of mobile platforms (URAL, KAMAZ, MAZ).

The laboratories are divided into two groups, according to operation types:

  • 1. Perforation laboratory (PL)
  • 2. Log-processing laboratory (LPL)
The primary purpose of PL is transporting rock drills and rock drill charges to the drill site, and joint delivery of explosive materials and initiating devices to blasting worksites and their short-term on-site storage.
The primary purpose of LPL is placement and transportation of data recording systems, borehole equipment and as a staff break location at oil-and-gas production fields.
Peculiarity: Isothermal laboratory unit of the „Van“ type.

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