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Well logging truck hoists PKS - 7G


Well logging truck hoists are intended for carrying out round-trip operations upon geophysical survey in wildcat, exploration and production wells for oil and gas up to 7000 m deep with the logging cable maximal diameter up to 36 mm. The well logging truck hoist is mounted onto mobile platforms of all-terrain vehicles produced by URAL, KAMAZ, MAZ, IVECO and other manufacturers. The well logging truck hoist consists of the following parts:

  • motor vehicle chassis;
  • body;
  • tripping unit (TU);
  • free-running generator;
  • round-trip operations control system;
  • tool for measuring depth, speed and tension of cable;
  • spare parts and accessories kit.

The hoist can be operated at an ambient temperature range of –45°Ñ to +50°Ñ and at relative humidity of 80% at +15°Ñ

    TU of a hoist is divided into the types:
according to the driver:

  • mechanical (M): (gear 2ÑÊÖ-4, mechanical differential, reverse gear);
  • hydraulic (H);
  • electrical (E).
according to the drum capañitance:
  • TUs are divided according to the operational depth of well inspection into (km): 2,0; 3,5; 5.0; 7,0.
according to the stuff winded on a drum:
  • logging cable (LC);
  • slickline (S);
  • rigid cable for horizontal wells development (HW);
  • combined: logging cable and slickline (CS).

The pattern of abbreviation: PKS-3,5E-CS (well logging truck hoist with electrical drive, for development of 3500 m deep wells, with winches for cable and slickline).

The equipment is provided by all permision documentation: vehicle type approval (VTA), permit for use, compliance certificate.

"GIspribor-M", CJSC carries on  maintenance service of all delivered equipment. 


ChassisUral-Iveco 62\32901 (6x6), URAL 4320-1951-40 6x6, URAL 5323-61 8x8, KAMAZ 43118 6õ6
Driver A hydraulic driver from gear of additional power take-off
Transmission A planetary speed reducer, built-in into a drum
Drum Quantity of sections One Two
Section 1 Section 2
Capacity/cable diameter 5 500 m / 14,4 mm 3 650 m / 14,4 mm 6 400 m / 6,3 mm
7 200 m / 12,3 mm 5 150 m / 12,3 mm
10 200 m / 10,2 mm  7 650 m / 10,2 mm
Cable laying A proportional operation from a hydraulic cylinder with a manual adjustment or with screwed spooler with a hydraulic drive
Break system A hydraulic brake, built-in into a reducer, a pneumatic, smoothly regulated strap break
Power source Control system source - a board net of 24 V
Additional equipment - external net of 220 V / autonomous generator
Body All-metal or from sandwich panels
Temperature conditions of exploitation  From -40 °C to +50 °C
Length, mm 6 400
Width, mm 2 500
Height, mm 2 200
Space for geophysical equipment Up to 16
Space for radiation sources 2
Laboratory compartment  Isothermal, with a diesel heater, airconditioner, floor heating, input-exhaust ventilation 
Length, mm 3 000
Width, mm 2 350
Height, mm 2 000
Functional area Drilling and pressure wells development, control for development, swabbing

Tension and speed

Range of cable speed changing, m/h

Tension at the second layer of spooling, kN

Tension at max cable spooling on a drum, kN

First range

40 - 3 500

100 50
Second range 200 - 10 000

70 25

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