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Well logging truck hoists PKS - 5M


Well logging truck hoists are intended for carrying out round-trip operations upon geophysical survey in wildcat, exploration and production wells for oil and gas up to 7000 m deep with the logging cable maximal diameter up to 36 mm. The well logging truck hoist is mounted onto mobile platforms of all-terrain vehicles produced by URAL, KAMAZ, MAZ, IVECO and other manufacturers. The SPWLH hoist consists of the following parts:

  • motor vehicle chassis;
  • body;
  • tripping unit (TU);
  • free-running generator;
  • round-trip operations control system;
  • tool for measuring depth, speed and tension of cable;
  • spare parts and accessories kit.

The hoist can be operated at an ambient temperature range of –45°Ñ to +50°Ñ and at relative humidity of 80% at +15°Ñ

    TU of a hoist is divided into the types:
according to the driver:

  • mechanical (M): (gear 2ÑÊÖ-4, mechanical differential, reverse gear);
  • hydraulic (H);
  • electrical (E).
according to the drum capañitance:
  • TUs are divided according to the operational depth of well inspection into (km): 2,0; 3,5; 5.0; 7,0.
according to the stuff winded on a drum:
  • logging cable (LC);
  • slickline (S);
  • rigid cable for horizontal wells development (HW);
  • combined: logging cable and slickline (CS).

The pattern of abbreviation: PKS-3,5E-CS (well logging truck hoist with electrical drive, for development of 3500 m deep wells, with winches for cable and slickline).

The equipment is provided by all permision documentation: vehicle type approval (VTA), permit for use, compliance certificate.

"GIspribor-M", CJSC carries on  maintenance service of all delivered equipment. 



URAL 4320-1951-40 6õ6, URAL 43203-41 6õ6,

KAMAZ 43118 6õ6, 43114 6õ6

Driver Mechanical
Transmission The reducer 2ÑÊÖ-4, chain wheel gear
Drum Quantity of sections One Two
Section 1 Section 2
Capacity/cable diameter 3 700 m / 14,4 mm 2 500 m / 14,4 mm 5 200 m / 6,3 mm
5 200 m / 12,3 mm 3 100 m / 12,3 mm
7 200 m / 10,2 mm  4 500 m / 10,2 mm
Cable laying Automatic, with an opportunity for correction, screwed cable spooler with 24 V electrical drive
Break system Phneumatic normally closed, electromechanic smoothly regulated brake
Free wheeling  +
Power source Board power supply 24 V / external power supply 220 V / self contained generator 
 Max. power consumation from external net ≈ 5,5 kW
Body All-metal or from sandwich panels
Temperature conditions of exploitation  from - 45 °C to +50 °C
Length, mm 5 800
Width, mm 2 500
Height, mm 2 100
Space for geophysical equipment Up to 16
Space for radiation sources 2
Laboratory compartment  Isothermal, with a diesel heater, airconditioner, floor heating, input-exhaust ventilation 
Length, mm 2 700
Width, mm 2 350
Height, mm 1 900
Functional area Drilling and pressure wells development, control for development, swabbing
It is possible to installate electro pheumatic replacement gear shift.

Tension and speed

Range of cable speed changing at the middle diameter of reelingTension at the second layer of reeling, kNTension at max. reeling diameter of cable on a drum
At rising100 - 8 0006030
Forced running100 - 1 000

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