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Reverse gear


Reverse gear is installed instead of the common  gear 2 -4 and have many advantagers in comparison with it. It has a wider range of operational speeds and the mechanism of reverse. That is why the singal mechanical aggregate that provides;

  • lowering of equipment to the well from the well-head to the full-hole on a high speed and controled with the engine;
  • low enough constant speeds of equipment movement at logging operations, at lowering as well as at rising (begining at 40 km\h;
  • the mode of cable lowering under gravity.
Two speeds angel gear is developed on the base of import and self manufatired parts. The base of it is planetary gears that is why it is lighter than gear 2 -4.

The next additional way to upgrade a traditional scheme of mechanical drive is to use opportunities of new transmittion parts offered by manufactures of chassi. It is: reverse  power take-off gear for chassi of KamAZ and creeper. The fisrt part provides a wide range of cable movement speeds at lowering and the second - receiving enough low speeds of logging operations, as well as high off-road capability by reducing the minimal speeds of KamAZ chassi movement. 

All upgrades are developed by our specialist to use on new machines and for modernization common mechanical logging hoist trucks. So we can upgrade almost any old mechanical hoist truck, equiped it with more perfect transmission and automatic control system. In this way we not only recreate the operating life of the machine, but level it up.

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