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Perforation Laboratory


The perforation laboratory is used for perforating operations in oil and gas wells. The laboratory is based on different kinds mobile platforms and supports the following activities:

  • delivery of the perforating equipment and explosive materials from the manufacturing plant to drilling operation bases and worksites;
  • transportation of equipment and explosive materials, initiating devices, and perforating equipment, including fully assembled and charged systems (without initiating devices) by any-condition road to worksites;
  • delivery of the personnel and technological equipment to worksites;
  • use as charge workshop and/or temporary warehouse at worksites.

The isothermal laboratory body is equipped with a shell stand for perforating equipment assembly, tabletop for placement of the charged perforating equipment, metal boxes for explosive materials, tools, control instruments, spare parts, tools, accessories and other equipment. A wardrobe, table and a safe for initiating devices is also included.

The hoist life-support system includes a Webasto heater and suction-and-exhaust ventilation.

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